Free up your brain space for thinking 🧠
Once our brain is stacked with trivial informations and schedules, it will start "patrolling" - meaning the brain is constantly checking around for unfinished task, instead of triggering actions. If we work with tons of irrelevant informations or thoughts in...
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SUMMER SALE now on live! ☀️
The summer big sale is now launched, you can get any products from the shop with maximum 40% off original price. The discount will function as follow: 1 item = 10% off 2 items = 15% off 3 items = 20%...
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Prepare yourself for SUMMER SALE ☀️
New palettes on live! Grab your favourite one for 40% off Maximum. The event will start from mid July. New products include MoverBooks and MoverPads in yellow, sky blue, magenta, orange, lavender and pink. And of course, our classic products...
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