Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Mover”?

Mover means Magnetic Memo Brick. It aims at accelerating people’s
thinking process in a physical and concentrated way with
convenience. Moving and grooving~

What’s the main difference between Mover and existing Memos/Post-it notes?

Normal memo’s adhesion does not withstand massive times of
changing positions and they are easy to fall off given a long period of
time. It can be quite a headache to people sticking them on computer
monitor as on sight reminder.

Taking the advantage of magnets, movers can be infinitely be moved
for planning, scheduling and prioritizing purposes. Special design for
the mover also enables easy press and pick-up repositioning.

Can I become a distributor?

Please send us a private message through the following email and we
will get back to you soon.


What should I do if I receive a defected item?

If you are sure the newly received item is defected, please send us an
email through returns@bravestorming.com including your name, product serial
number, a description and picture of the defected parts and we will
get back to you soon.

I am a journalist/youtube/blogger, who do I contact for PR release or an interview with the Bravestorming Team?

Please kindly write us at press@bravestorming.com

Press Materials including pictures and videos can also be found at

Is Mover a patented product?

Yes, mover is a patented product. All the patent information and
filing process can be found by using the following codes for respective

Patent Reference: 15945278 (USA) 201810206180.7 (PRC)
2018-001058 (JP) HK1230409 (HK)

Why is there only 7 days/2 days for MoverPad or MoverBook Default templates?

The Mover complementary tools including MoverPad and MoverBook
are tools aiming at helping people to focus. That’s why we go with
creating physical tools instead of smart and electronic applications in
the first place.

We are strong believers in focusing and handling things most doable
and closely related for an individual. Having many clutters will just
overwhelm an individual. And the buffer area of  the default templates is also created to shelter things happening or wait to be considered beyond the most-focused time frame, a week or 2 days.

Can I have a bulk purchase discount?

Please send us a private message through the following email and we
will get back to you soon. 


Will there be single packs for memo refill?

Yes. Please stay tuned. It will be out soon after the campaign.

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