“The world’s first movable tool for thinking and organising.”

Mover means Magnetic Memo Brick. It aims at accelerating people’s
thinking process in a physical and concentrated way with
convenience. Moving and grooving~

Philosophies behind the tools

If we have to illustrate what are the products in the simplest way:

Mover is Magnetic Memo Brick and it currently has 4 sizes. It provides convenience for users to jot down ideas. They can then be collided and reorganized by hands for processing thinking flow and planning out strategies. Finally, they can be stuck to mover organizers in eye-sight area for scheduling and reminder purpose. The physical contour also enables easy switching and moving for sudden change of agenda.

Mover can compatibly jump among MoverPad, MoverBook, ThinkerBoard, MagDisc or other magnetic metal surfaces such as the fridge and whiteboard. The flexibility of it can incorporate to different people’s preferences and situations. The most common usages are to-do-list, schedule planner, mind-map and brainstorming. It can create great value by marking small things in daily life.


Tear off is for finishing a particular task or for rewriting purpose. After tearing the first layer away, a new and blank one comes to the surface.

Strong Magnets:

MoverPad and MoverBook have all been installed with myriads of magnets. They can magnetically stick to magnetic metal surface and white board in both open and close form. And the enhanced graphite magnets installed makes movers stably stick to MoverPad, MoverBook and ThinkerBoard or other Magnetic Metal surface (e.g. Fridge)


Each mover can shelter 15 layers of Memo paper. It can be refilled when used up for life time usage.

The Two Page Philosophy:

MoverPad and MoverBook are both in two pages, instead of 50 pages or more. Things in immediate time span can be seen at a glance with focus. This space of high priority shelters what users regard as most value to them. Without flipping pages or scrolling, they can have the big picture in short. Movers can then be taken out at will and blueprints can be planned.


Mover currently has 7 colors. Users can brand the color with their preferences. E.g. Red is for external communication, white is for job related tasks, yellow is for leisure, etc. When users see more red, they immediately see what they are up to.

Refill and last long

The mover can be refilled with memo paper when it is used up.


Magnetic Disc has strong adhesive tape on its back to stick to the edge of Monitor, enabling Movers and MoverPad to snap aside the monitor as in-sight reminder.

Protective Film Installed for Template Changing

MoverPad and MoverBook are both installed with protective film for template changing purpose. Templates such as goal templates, time templates, organizing templates are all downloadable in PDF format on Bravestorming.com. Users can also DIY their own templates and share with the community.

Breaking Down:

Mover has four sizes for breaking down different tasks with high or low priority or contents. Users can have their own preference of usage.

Standing on Workdesk:

MoverPad, MoverBook and ThinkerBoard can all stand on work-desk for easy reaching and always in sight purpose.

Press and Standup Feature:

This spectacular design helps preserve the strong adhesive ability of the Movers and at the same time provides convenience in retrieving Mover surrounded by others. With a press on the edge of the left, Mover will stand in a tilting position, releasing space for it to be taken away easily.

A Physical Kit in helping the habit of creativity, action and focus


Brainstorming is the most important and common way to come up with ideas, whether it is in personal or collective ways.

For the past 30 years, in order to brainstorm, people will use memo paper, tear it out one by one; some may use computer or smart memo on phone with the help of the mouse. But why? Why do we want to change the-30-year-old predicament? The first reason is physical touch is a great feeling to human being. Excluding our heart, our brain receives most signal from our hands. Mover feels very good in terms of physical touch and gives us a sense of genuine. That is why we want to make it out to the community. For example, Lego has always been a great company for children. We believe most people will agree. Lego blocks are in brick form with nice hand feeling. Children use them to build trains, airplanes, houses and all kinds of creations. They can go around the house or even the garden during the imagination process. Would you make your kids play with lego in a tiny little smart screen? It is also boring to play LEGO with a mouse. In the same way, we adults build creative things and get concrete bluescreen through colliding ideas and fooling around. That was how a creative product like Iphone was made, with myriads of prototyping and thinking until the BOOM! Mover has also undergone the same process, with over 100 trial-and-errors. With Movers, brainstorming is like building Lego, it makes us feel concrete and genuine.


A 100 innovative ideas without action are no match for 100 actions without innovation because the innovative one might come out for the 101st action.

After using Mover to come up with creative ideas, they should be acted upon. Place the actionable mover directly into the timeline of MoverBook and MoverPad to arrange the plan for a day, a week or even a month. You can collide those movers, think and adjust the plan at the same time. After several moments, you can monitor the MoverBook to see if anything needs adjustments. The situation is like an athlete thinks about his state while practicing and corrects his movements and breathing. Steps written on the Mover can be shifted freely to other places in the timeline and tear-off can also be easily done. This enables a fast test of action with adjustment in short. After a period of time, you can inhabit a sense of action and confidence. You know things can be altered by yourself and you are in control.


After taking out the tasks and the things to be solved and visualizing them on Movers, they need to be processed (i.e. organizing, arranging, colliding, grouping and listing). Things without a visual are hard to be process. With everything still on our mind is messy and demoralizing. For example, if we can only memorize the positions and the sequence only in our brain without visuals while playing chess, UNO, Monopoly or Mahjong, it will be very hard. Likewise, solving problems with eye-sight and hand touching are important. The ease of repositioning, prioritizing and tear-off granted by the mover gives you a sense of control.


We are sometimes afraid of action because these actions seem huge and difficult. When we want to act, we often imagine about the failure and exaggerate it. While in reality, things are not that harsh. As a result, if we are going to maintain a level of action in our own life, we have to master the act of breaking down big chunk into doable steps. For example, if we think of cleaning the house, we get headache. We might say to ourselves, “What if my friends suddenly come up during the process? I might have to stop and leave all the mess. What if I have to go out and have dinner? Things might get even messier if I return to home.” That is how we decided we should never have started. However, if my wife asks if I can clean the writing desk, I can easily promise her it can be done in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, once I finished, my wife then asks if I can differentiate the wanted and unwanted items in the living room. I can easily promise her it can be done in 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes of differentiation, my wife asks if I can take those clothes to launder, I reply it will only take 5 minutes. Finally, when all the works are done, my wife says, “Today is fantastic. We can now go out for dinner. Please clean the bath room tomorrow and I will take care of the kitchen. We have a wonderful evening without any worries.” If we think deeper, the management level of our companies are dividing big mission or goal into doable steps and delegate them one by one to the subordinates. Isn’t my wife the manager of our home? What if we can breakdown big tasks into small steps on Movers, then we can become the manager of our own action?


Arrangement of different tasks with movers on MoverBook is convenient, especially for our work with high variable nature. When a calendar notebook is used, we always face the predicament of crossing out the timeline when changes come. We will then feel messy and troubled. Also, writing on a calendar notebook might give us an implicit force of pressure, making us extra cautious before writing but at the same time become hesitant thus blocking action. If things are written on Movers, we can write whatever we want. Things can be modified at will. Things no-longer relevant can be taken out of sight with tear-off. Keeping the main things in eye sight area is in my control. Colliding and splitting things are at ease.


The bold two-page design of MoverBook and MoverPad differ them from the existing paper based or electronic calendar. The design of the two pages saves us from flipping or scrolling to find our tasks and ideas. Things with high importance are all being seen on the movers of these two pages. Movers can be added in and moved away. Only putting the vital ones is the feature of the two-page. Also, paper based calendar or notebook makes us write things in several pages. We often need extra time and efforts in finding them. When we are using paper and electronic calendar, we seldom cross out or delete the irrelevant things. Important and unimportant stuff are all mixed in the eye-sight area. Therefore, Mover helps separating the crucial ones from the inessential, making the former surface out. The electronic screens are comparably small and we cannot see the big picture without scrolling. They are not “at a glance” enough. For Movers, they can be infinitely expanded, depending on the size of your work-desk, whiteboard and bedroom. Apart from that, I think we all have the experience of being distracted by Facebook, Instagram and news pop-up from Feeds while organizing our schedule or having a brainstorm session, not to mention how those impact our real action. Observably, paper and electronic calendar have the same characteristics, things and tasks are recorded in many layers. Putting a single task into those layers are like putting it into an indefinite black hole and finding it is not easy. In contrary, MoverPad and MoverBook help keep all the things which need attention on a single layer. Even when things exceed the capacity of MoverPad and MoverBook, the written stuff on Movers put on work-desk are still on the same layer. As long as they are organized and put in the schedule, they can easily be identified in sight.


Till now, some may ask if I use Phone or notebook. I use both of them, and very frequently but not for thinking and organizing important stuff. They both proof their great value in storage of things. But the focused processing and thinking part stay with the movers for higher level of action.


Different form of templates help people to think and operate in different ways. MoverBook and MoverPad can be used in both Vertical or horizontal ways. They have schedules for a day, a week, a month with different sizes. Some even have the purpose and the buffer column. Some people love to put movers on the desk in a messy way for thinking; some love an organized list; some DIY their own templates; some even share them to others. Whether you are an office lady, entrepreneur, student or even an astronaut, you can choose your own way.


It is impossible for everything to be of the same importance. Choosing the right ones and do them one by one is necessary.

Mover’s easy movable and tear-off and MoverBook’s two-page design prompts us to choose, decide, compromise and give up. Sometimes, we may have to accept imperfection in exchange for balance. Is this task deletable? Can this task be put on today or on Buffer column? Dealing with Movers is dealing with our tasks, helping us to cultivate the confidence and pace in making decision. When faced a question, you can write it down and come up with multiple solutions on the Movers. Lay them all out; collide them; feel a bit. This sense of focus, is way more efficient than things trapped in the brain and cycling.


Brainstorming with Movers, building the blueprints of the brain and laying down all the written movers in-front create the big picture; holding a mover on hand helps us focus one step at a time. This physical flexibility to zoom in and zoom out lets us “see the tree and see the forest”. The hand touching of mover helps easing our feeling of in-vague and out of control. It can create the sense of support and free our psyche.


In conclusion, with a varying day and ad-hocs popping up, MoverBook helps users in terms of creativity, action and focus.

People’s prospects to Usage of Mover after seeing it in person:

1. Gantt chart
2. Project Management
3. Art drawing
4. Work desk decoration
5. Restaurant booking reservation board
6. Small group brainstorm section
7. Personal thinking
8. Mind Map
9. Basketball strategy board
10. School homework board
11. Shift work timetable announcement

Product Disclaimer

Choking hazard – Products are not for children under the age of 3.

Highly Addictive – Movers are highly addictive.