Mover Combo-Papierversion
Mover Combo-Papierversion
Mover Combo-Papierversion
Mover Combo-Papierversion
Mover Combo-Papierversion
Mover Combo-Papierversion

Mover Combo-Papierversion

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10x Magnetic Containers
10x Memo Refill
*Each Memo has 15 layers

Mover Combo in Bauhaus Style (White, Blue, Red, Yellow in Random)

Mover Combo in Simplicious Style (White, Green, Grey, Light Yellow in Random)

S: 12 x 36 x 3.5mm
M: 24 x 36 x 3.5mm
L: 36 x 36 x 3.5mm
XL: 72 x 36 x 3.5mm

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  • USA: 3-6 Werktage
  • Europa: 7-14 Werktage
  • Australien: 7-14 Werktage
  • Hongkong, China, Taiwan: 2-3 Werktage
  • Restliches Asien: 7-10 Werktage
  • Naher Osten: 14–30 Werktage
  • Südamerika: 14–30 Werktage
Visualize Ideas for Better Action

The virtual reality can sometimes be very chaotic and distracting. Bunch of Mover can serve as steady visualization of tasks and ideas on work desk, keeping you on track.

Play with your ideas.Meet Mover!

Brainstorm ideas brick by brick and easy colliding. 4 sizes of Movers can be used for different purposes, ranging from your sudden small idea to you big list of goals.

It pops off!

With a press on the edge of the left, Mover will stand in a tilting position, releasing space for it to be taken away easily.

Special Angle Design

The Press-and-standup design is embedded within the Mover for easy picking up. Even when ideas are closely surrounded, it can be singled out easily!

Designed with Purpose

It is not just a Mover, it is a movement. A movement for creativity, focus and action.

Movers in Action: Through Video

Customer Reviews

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cc c
Meet expectations

Practical and creative.

Meet expectations

Some soft magnets do not fit well, except for this detail, everything else meets expectations

Excellent textureMeet expectationsUnique styleWant to repurchase

Highly recommended! The texture is very good ❤️
Will definitely repurchase ❤️

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