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9 Reasons for "Why Brick by brick?"

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Mover Erase Combo Introduction

Adapt the chaotic nature of human, and strive to be organized.

The Mover Workspace

Mover System - A Brick by Brick Methodology

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"Creative and Flexible Moving Planner. "
"Surprisingly Flexible Time Blocking Tool. "
"Practical, Comfortable and Sustainable. "
"New Dimensional Tool to Manage Idea and Schedule. "
"New System with Managing Schedule in "Blocks"."
"Mini Productivity Whiteboard. "
"Genius Combination of whiteboard and post-it. "
"What Employer Doesn’t Love That? "
"Perfect for Professionals and Use Around the House. "
"Eco-friendly and Helps Focus."
"Simple and Really Useful."
"Sticky Note Evolution and Simple Organising"

I love how versatile it is! I was able to easily take my mover with me when my workplace shut down during the pandemic to help keep me on task in home office.


College Professor


I love Mover because I can easily plan for the big picture and at the same time plan detail/action steps.


Jewish Community Professional


These little Post-it style whiteboards are awesome! They are perfect for reminders on the fridge, for kids to play with, or for note-taking. I ordered them as a writing tool, for organizing chapters and story ideas. While I know I have hundreds of digital tools at my disposal, sometimes the tactile experience of physically writing things down and rearranging them helps me.


Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer


I saw these on a Kickstarter project awhile ago and forgot about them. I did not realized you can order them individually now. These are much more useful than I thought. I can attach them to my bookshelf which happens to be metal, but I have a better hack:

I use double sided nano tape to stick the included metal plates on the bottom of my wide screen monitor. Then I can attach these blocks on it. They work very well. Daily quotes, important to dos, all are great to put on these tiles. They stick better than post-its as well!

Pk Shiu

Amazon Vine Reviewer