The 2nd Generation of Mover

What is Mover?

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I really like the simple push feature where you can just touch the corner and the piece (Mover) pops off because it makes it easy for people with fine motor skills. And that the bases (MoverPad) that are 2 sides are able to flip into a triangle stand. Ashley Rae Stone

Post-Graduate Student

Bravestorming.com has come up with a superb product that can help you become a genuine productivity rockstar. A real one…. nothing more, nothing less.

…this product can take you to a level you’ve never reach before with regards to your productivity.

Anthony Dejolde


Cool new stuff from bravestorming! I can arrange my day, move things and take a switch. I am so excited. I love pen, paper; I love living in an analog world! Margot Leitman

Writer, Performer, Teacher, Author of Long Story Shot

I think this new ‘old skool’ method is effective. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty ‘old skool’, I still write things down in my planner rather than relying on Google calendar. Yes, they are great for the instant notifications and reminders but there’s nothing like writing stuff down. This ‘old skool’ method still wins! Motunde Sotuminu

Motty Inpires Founder, blogger

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