Brick by brick ideas at a glance

Focus on One Thing at a time

Schedule for Action

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Movable Planning
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"Creative and Flexible Moving Planner. "

"Surprisingly Flexible Time Blocking Tool. "

"Practical, Comfortable and Sustainable. "

"New Dimensional Tool to Manage Idea and Schedule. "

"New System with Managing Schedule in "Blocks"."

"Mini Productivity Whiteboard. "

"Genius Combination of whiteboard and post-it. "

"What Employer Doesn’t Love That? "

"Perfect for Professionals and Use Around the House. "

The Mover System (MoverBook Demonstration)

Mover System - A Brick by Brick Methodology

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Adapt the chaotic nature of human, and strive to be organized.


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The Mover Workspace


I love how versatile it is! I was able to easily take my mover with me when my workplace shut down during the pandemic to help keep me on task in home office.


College Professor


I love Mover because I can easily plan for the big picture and at the same time plan detail/action steps.


Jewish Community Professional


These little Post-it style whiteboards are awesome! They are perfect for reminders on the fridge, for kids to play with, or for note-taking. I ordered them as a writing tool, for organizing chapters and story ideas. While I know I have hundreds of digital tools at my disposal, sometimes the tactile experience of physically writing things down and rearranging them helps me.


Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer


I saw these on a Kickstarter project awhile ago and forgot about them. I did not realized you can order them individually now. These are much more useful than I thought. I can attach them to my bookshelf which happens to be metal, but I have a better hack:

I use double sided nano tape to stick the included metal plates on the bottom of my wide screen monitor. Then I can attach these blocks on it. They work very well. Daily quotes, important to dos, all are great to put on these tiles. They stick better than post-its as well!

Pk Shiu

Amazon Vine Reviewer

9 Reasons for "Why Brick by brick?"

1. Single One out for action and focus

In hard times, pick up just one and do it. To forge ahead with your plan, what you need to do is DO one thing at a time.

2. Idea Collision and Interactive Mix and Match (Brainstorm with hands)

Making use of your hands and being "haptic" stimulated constantly to kick off the thinking process in your brain. Simply put, "kinesthetic thinking". Visualize your thought and make quick decision by intuition.

3. Bricking idea into actionable steps

Breaking a single non actionable idea into multiple parts, and then small and doable steps.

4. As a Block of Time

Put doable steps onto schedule, block your time for action. Things with higher priority deserve your time to deal with. It is nice to have a handy tool like Mover to bargain over your time. It is also worth noting that not all things are important to occupy your time.

5. At a glance and adjustable Idea Visualization

Analog Productivity System with Digital Flexibility. Its amazing easy-switch feature and flexibility are great for prioritization, especially for someone with a timetable that is always dynamic.

6. Color Coding

Easily Identify tasks’ nature at a glance by preset colors. Write “communication” tasks on RED, “thinking” tasks on BLUE, “To-do” tasks on YELLOW, “Meeting” tasks on GREEN, “Leisure” tasks on WHITE. Define your colour! After a week or month, you can review and reflect yourself by what kind of tasks you like most. And go adjusting your pace.

7. Prioritize

Define your priority. In order to say YES to your priorities, you have to be willing to say NO to something else. Learn to prioritize yourself more and stop chasing the person who left and forgot you. Use your hands, a right tool and your inner voice. Believe in yourself!

8. Stimulate your brain with 3D thinking

Bring your body to your work with things you can touch.

9. Classify and Grouping

Group ideas in a dimensional form

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