MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle
MoverBook Bundle

MoverBook Bundle

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20x Magnetic Containers
20x Memo Refill
1x MoverBook
2x Templates (for 2 sides)

MoverBook Blue and 2 sets of Mover Combo in Bauhaus Style (White, Blue, Red, Yellow in Random)

MoverBook Grey and 2 sets of Mover Combo in Simplicious Style (White, Green, Grey, Light Yellow in Random)

Mover Dimensions:
S: 12x36x3.5mm
M: 24x36x3.5mm
L: 36x36x3.5mm
XL: 72x36x3.5mm

MoverBook Dimensions:
255x205x15 mm

We ship in-stock items in 1-3 days.
  • US: 9-14 working days
  • Europe: 9-14 working days
  • Australia: 9-14 working days
  • HK, China, Taiwan: 2-3 working days
  • Rest of Asia: 7-10 working days
  • Middle East: 14-30 working days
  • S.America: 14-30 working days

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Meet The MoverBook

The MoverBook is a dual-connected-panel tool with finished leather-like craftsmanship.
It provides extra place for thinking and holds immense number of movers.

Easy Repositioning

With the help of the Press and Standup feature of Mover, you can easily re-position your tasks or ideas on the MoverBook.

Block by block brainstorming

The Movers inside the MoverBook can be taken out easily.

Ideas and tasks can then be grouped and prioritized for brainstorming.

The Template Changing Feature

You can design your own template, or you can download one from our website.

So it is always about using Mover for your own system.

The Two-page Philosophy: For “creativity”, “Action” and “Focus”

MoverBook is in two pages, instead of 50 pages or more. Things in immediate time span can be seen at a glance with focus. This space of high priority shelters what users regard with most value to them. Without flipping pages or scrolling, they can have the big picture in short. Movers can then be taken out at will and blueprints can be planned.

Work best with Staedlter Pen

Recommended by Bravestorming team

Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces like glass and porcelain without leaving a trace

Fast-drying, low odour, locked tip, can be left uncapped for days without drying up

Movers in Action: Through Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kim Ip
Excellent texture, unique style, want to buy again, fast shipping.

Super beautiful, more engaging to work with, well planned

Meet expectations, Unique style, Attentive service

This organizing set is really suitable for users like me who are used to thinking in blocks and often need to link trivial matters, and the note templates provided by the official website are also very good. I really like the expandable lidable design that retains a low-key space

Eliana Lee
Excellent textureMeet expectationsUnique styleFast delivery

Finally found a schedule that can be reused~
The texture is great, I love it

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