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Define your style with Mover Erase

一度に 1 つのことに集中する

Revolutionary Planner System

One tiny whiteboard, one big vision

Focus on one thing at a time

Say good-bye to procrastination stress

ブロックの新しい子供 - ムーバー消去コンボ

「Brick by Brick」の 9 つの理由


Apps Recommendation
Cloud storage your Ideas and Tasks

Use your hands to organise brain ideas and prioritise tasks. Make good use of digital and cloud to store and keep your things. It makes your system simple and focus, not everything important, separate them.

What are "Movers Erase"?

Movers Erase/Movers are reusable palm-sized whiteboards for brainstorming and visual thinking. 

These magnetic bricks provide structures that construct those thoughts, preserving the value of handwriting while having the flexibility like in digital applications.

Organizer: A planner tailor-made for movers

MoverBook and MoverPad are our two main organizers for mover erase/moves.

Both magnetic planners contain merely two pages, to have a view of schedule, notes, drafts all at-a-glance. No more flipping over pages.

User can also customize the template of the organizer. Various designs can be downloaded in the website.

The importance of Idea Visualization

Research finds that our brains are wired to rapidly make sense of and remember visual input. Therefore, visualization can help understand and grasp complex information.

Mover utilizes such thinking phenomenon to encourage concrete action after sorting out a single task from all the informations we have in mind. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is recognized in teaching, and is concurrent with dyslexia and autism.

Write, Plan, Brainstorm

The design of movers and organizers aims at providing a condition that encourages action.

Combine movers to an organizer with customized mind map template, you can have a portable kanban which carries the important elements: workflow, project progress, schedules etc.

This planner system is perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, homeschooling and so on.