3 simple Japanese organization hacks for work management

3 simple Japanese organization hacks for work management

Japanese author Takashi Suenaga, CEO of Japanese stationary company Kanmido, shares useful time management skills in his book "Organize your day in 10 minutes".

Inspired by his work philosophy, we would like to share 3 hacks from the book that may inspire you too.

1. Visualize the schedule of the day

Once we are able to have a general look on operations of the day, it is much easier to understand the current situation. 

2. Categorize your tasks into "Urgent and important", "To be handled today" and "Low priority"

Prepare mental capacity for each task so that we can act smartly. For example, if the task is categorized as "To be handled today", it is not necessary to finish the task within the day.

3. Treat each task as a block of time

In the Japanese metro system, every train has its precise departure and arrival time for an efficient traffic circulation. Likewise, a task begins and ends based on the timeline of the day. 

These hacks are in fact important design principales of the movers. Nothing but 10 minutes before working, try organizing your day with the three hacks - you may be surprised by the power of these little tricks!


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