Simple exercise to keep up with your new habits more easily

Simple exercise to keep up with your new habits more easily

Leaving school and college, many adults find themselves in somewhere constantly demanding for new skills, new languages, new software...

The world is asking us to learn in any age, but once we are separated from the traditional academic structure, all we can lie on is what people call "self-discipline" to build up new habits and acquire the knowledge we need.

Unfortunately, we all know that sometimes, ourselves are just not so reliable. But with motivation and a right strategy, we can be the reliable self.

Here is a tiny mental exercise you may try for making a habit easier to do.

Step 1: Ask yourself "What made that hard for you to do this habit?", write down your answer.

Step 2: For each weak link you found in step 1, ask yourself "How to make it easier?"

Step 3: Select your top three ideas from step 3

Step 4: Imagine yourself taking action on your top three ideas to make the habit easier to do. Explore in detail how you would do that

Step 5: Try to make tiny steps when practicing the habit



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