Free up your brain space for thinking 🧠

Free up your brain space for thinking 🧠

Once our brain is stacked with trivial informations and schedules, it will start "patrolling" - meaning the brain is constantly checking around for unfinished task, instead of triggering actions.

If we work with tons of irrelevant informations or thoughts in mind, it would make concentration more difficult since random status can pop up anytime. 

"Remember to send email to colleague A", "don't forget to check up something asked by another team!" ... etc.

Note-taking thus becomes an important move to free up brain's space. Instead of keeping reminders, the brain functions better if it is used only for thinking process like analyse or brainstorming. 

For more trivial work items, we still need keep them at sight because they are important. This simple act can reassure us, in such it prevents the brain from patrolling.

Learn about more brain hacks like this in the coming blog post!

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