9 Life hacks Before You Gear Up With Brick by Brick System

9 Life hacks Before You Gear Up With Brick by Brick System

1) Write it down as far as you can (no pressure); your task, your idea, your purpose, your goal. Just write it down by gut feeling. You can always delete or rearrange them by your hands easily anytime. The experience of writing on Mover (Magnetic Memo Brick) is different from writing on paper and digital device. You don't have to worry about rewriting or messy writing. Do not just write down and record only when you have appointment or someone to meet. Do write them all. Even just write down "Buy a tooth brush" to remind you to buy it...The brick by brick system enables you to use your hands and experience a very tactile feeling to tidy up your task or thought at the moment or at a later time.


2) Tiny, Less, Small and short. It is important to break down your big goal into small steps, whether you want to accomplish your big goal, big mission, write a great book, change your habit or become a productive person, achieve work life balance .... anything. JUST START with small thing. The key point is to start action by HANDS.


3) Having a mindset that solves problem by Getting Things Done.
Some kind of happiness and flow state are about killing tasks that you set one by one and focus when you are doing that thing. The sense of control and the feeling of going forward make you accumulate your little success.



4) Brainstorm with yourself and visualise your idea and action more frequently.
Always look at your purpose, idea and tasks like your personal vision board. Keep fine tuning your brick and action by adding new bricks and delete your killed tasks and unimportant things.


5) Make choice, prioritise and believe in yourself. 
If you have MoverBook or MoverPad, just look at your PURPOSE column. You can make a quick decision just by seeing your tasks and deciding whether they are related to your PURPOSE. If the answer is negative, the task becomes UNIMPORTANT, and vice versa. Simple!

6) Steady work and small is better than Hurry and Big.

Kick-off the things that feel lighter and more doable. Once you have taken the first step, it feels easy to do the rest. The more you do it, the more skilled you become. This sense of success motivates you to repeat again and again. If you want to read every day, the starter step is to open your book and scale back with reading one paragraph. If you want to meditate for ten minutes everyday, the starter step is to take your meditation pillow out of the closet and scale back with meditating for three breaths. Simple is King.

7) Create something that you love and share with people. Keep doing it and it will be valuable.


8) Read more books and use them to create your own things.



9) Positive Experience Reinforce Habits

"Emotions create habit. Celebration is the best way to create a positive feeling that wires in your new habits." - BJ Fogg, PhD, "Tiny Habits The Small Changes That Change Everything. Say "Good for you!" or "Yay, Good job!" to yourself when you have just killed a task or get things done. The brain's "reward system", dopamine, helps us remember what behavior led to feeling good so you will do it again. It is suggested that you make use of Mover (the memo brick), tearing off the memo paper and say "Yay, good job!" when you kill a task every time.



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