How to stay concentrated amid the digital age?

How to stay concentrated amid the digital age?

The Power of Prompts

As we live in the era of screens, our brain’s activity is significantly influenced. Bravestorming has noticed the link between concentration and the power of notifications, which is a crucial value of the mover system’s design.

Many people see the similarity between the mover system and digital planners like google calendar, so why do we need a non-digital version of that?

While movers apply the same principle as those digital planners: time block, flexible rescheduling, personalized planner layout etc. Bravestorming would like to optimize the power of prompts, while eliminating distractions from miscellaneous phone reminders.

Once movers are placed at our workspace, we know concretely there is something that needs to be done. Besides, the movers - on which tasks and goals are written - are reminders themselves. They act as notifications that are isolated from distractions such as new instant message notice, new email notice, or other app pop-ups.

In short, movers are collected and displayed in our sight constantly. Such a feature creates a special zone only for the things we need to focus on. Concentration is the key to happiness, because once we are concentrated in one activity, our brain goes into a “flow state” as if we don’t realize how time passes fast.

Under the trend of the speedy internet culture, we are exposed to the massive but scattered information threads everyday. Little by little, our capacity of concentration could be lost due to that. Bravestorming hopes to bring an alternative or supplemental tool, another way to manage life.





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