How to use the “buffer” and “purpose” section on the planner template with MoverBook and MoverPad

How to use the “buffer” and “purpose” section on the planner template with MoverBook and MoverPad

Task planning is the basic practice of Mover Erase Combo. If you are a user of our planner template with MoverBook and MoverPad, have you noticed the “buffer” and “purpose/ Goal” section on the template?

This buffer section is designed for decluttering. Clutter exists everywhere, in the sink, kitchen cabinets, in the laundry basket, and it appears very often in our mind.

As the mover system encourages visualization of our piece of mind by actually writing them down, the buffer section is here to collect all the pieces. Therefore, the invisible clutter in our mind is then VISIBLE.

Tasks which are accumulated in the buffer section should be cleared up regularly. After a week of work, you may realize that many tasks in the buffer section could be omitted, or you may find a free time slot to finish some particular buffer tasks.

For the weekly planner template, we can also use the buffer section for future plans. Foresee tasks or possible events which will happen beyond this week, could be organized in the buffer.

The purpose section is designed as a navigation. If you are often overwhelmed by your tasks, maybe it’s a good idea to think about the question “Why do you have to finish this task?” It may sound silly but when the tasks are overloaded, it’s possible that we get lost among them by forgetting the reason behind them.

Moreover, once we figure out the purpose behind each task, we can quickly prioritize them. 

Here is a video explaining another way to plan with the “purpose section”, by breaking down objectives into different tasks for easier achievement 

How do you find this operation? Do you have other ways or ideas for decluttering our mind with the help of movers and a template? Please tell us in the comment section! See you soon.



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