One Productivity Trick For Becoming A More Productive Person

One Productivity Trick For Becoming A More Productive Person
Ever been that kind of person who tried to be productive, and check the calendar on a cell phone for what you have to do for the day, but ended up scrolling social media for 30 minutes straight without even realizing how you got there?

You have probably been there. So do we. And was that even our fault or the cell’s?

It is hard not to be distracted when everything becomes digital. Still, there is always a way out. This productivity trick is nothing new at all. It requires no skills, no rules. And it is no secret to all of you – Write it down.


“Psychologists have found that writing things down on paper helps people remember things better and more productive, than if they keep lists digitally.”


We all know how to write. But WHEN to write is what we need to learn when it comes to conquering every day’s distraction and to be productive. The trick is to write down right when an idea pops up. A task, a goal, the whimsy that just come into your mind. Major or minor ideas, just write them down before any of them slipped away. Every time you write down a task, it has been taken off your mind. Just think of how good it feels to free your own mind from being occupied with loads of to-dos!

If you have been using productivity tools such as sticky notes, memo blocks or digital calendar, you might probably have one or more of the following experiences – 

  • Sticky notes falling off from your desktop or the fridge,
  • Screwing up a pile of memos because of your messy handwriting,
  • Spending like ten minutes to look up an idea you put in some time ago on that calendar App.


Beyond paper and digital devices, Mover Erase Combo is a great productivity tool that helps us with getting away from any of those hassles. It literally transforms ideas from two dimensional to three dimensional. When your ideas become tangible, you are more likely to follow them through. And YOU are the one who decides your priorities, to finish that performance report or to call your client? The trick is to write down both of them and snap them on the planner (Mover Book, Mover Pad). You are never going to forget any of your tasks before digging your head into the cell phone again.

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