One thing at a time - simple truth of success by Gary Keller

One thing at a time - simple truth of success by Gary Keller

"Success demands singleness of purpose."

American entrepreneur and best-selling author wrote in his book "The One Thing", a book that inspired the invention of the mover collections. 


"Make sure every day you do what matters most. When you know what matters most, everything makes sense. When you don’t know what matters most, anything makes sense."

Keller continues.

Modern society proposes us so many choices, while sometimes only one would suffice. Mental stress can be generated under overwhelming situations - we have a myriad of options but still cannot make a decision. 

That is why movers are designed as pieces of tiles. Each mover represent a piece of your thought, move them around to find physically what matters most.

The One Thing is a very good read if you ever feel overwhelmed. It explains mind tricks to overcome the common lies that block our success, and clarify the laws of purpose, priority, and productivity in a simple manner.




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