Planning ahead: key to have fun without feeling guilty

Planning ahead: key to have fun without feeling guilty

Summer is here! Have any plans for a vacation?

Before going off for a vacation, the unfinished work or possible task that may arrive after holidays could be worrying. How to avoid the guilt of "not-working" from eating you up?

The answer lies on a simple action: plan ahead and put a timeframe on any arriving or on-going tasks. 

Start by writing down every task, we can give them deadlines, remove unnecessary work, free up time and mental space for holidays.

The visibility of steps could be  a tool for monitor: where I am right now? What to do next?

Planning ahead is actually a comforting mind trick to deal with the guilty feeling, it tells our brain that "we got things on the map, so play hard as long as you could!"

Wish you a joyful summer!




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