You Are What You Write. The Role of Handwriting In The Uprising Era of Artificial Intelligence

You Are What You Write. The Role of Handwriting In The Uprising Era of Artificial Intelligence

You have probably heard about tons of discussions on AI technology recently, rumour says many current tasks might be assigned to AI instead of humans. But we all know that the digital era had commenced for ages, since smartphones became a modern necessity for many, lots of people had abandoned hand-writing notes for a long while.

However, there are things that cannot be replaced by any sort of digital technology, in the process of hand-writing.


1. Reflection

While the world is showing AI’s capacity to draw, write and create, there are concerns about human’s role being substituted.

Indeed, these smart programmes may have a more compatible database and generation system than we do. But when it comes to reflection, we have to stand by our own thoughts - you are what you write.

Compared to writing with keyboards or on screen, hand writing allows a more flexible thinking arc thanks to its direct relation to our gestures.

To write is not only outlining letters, it is also to draw up lines between paragraphs, underline certain keywords or create visual hierarchy while mentally relating the chunks of words. 

When we think, our brain is not only transcribing ideas/thoughts into words, but also visualising what we want to mean. Handwriting is actually more adaptive to these brain activities.

Image from blog “Visual Note- Taking: Capturing the Important Ideas” by Michelle Ho,


2. Intimacy

If you have backed our project, it is clear that you recognise the value of handwriting - that makes it two of us! Apart from the flexibility of handwriting, its character of intimacy is worth mentioning.

Some of us may not have superb handwriting like in those presentable planner photos on instagram, but it doesn’t matter. Just like we all have different personalities, different mindsets, and thus different styles of writing. Hand written notes and diaries are personal, because our writings are only recognisable through our own eyes.

That’s the reason why so many people chose to still stick with hand written journals, greeting cards or study notes etc. It gives out a vibe that says YOU, which is precious.


3. Concentration

When we prepare to write, we are preparing a surface to write on (like a notebook, a piece of paper, whiteboard), stationary, and a place to write. Unlike writing on screens, which have notifications popping up before we know it, writing on papers somehow allows a better sense of control. Instead of rushing between the task-to-do and random twitter feeds (that could cost us hours flipping over constantly updating tweets). We know there will be one particular thing to do: to write what we think.

If you have a sense of control over the writing process, you are probably more assured about what you write. In many situations, writing corresponds directly to our desire, goals or psychological status quo. These things seem to be abstract, but it is possible to realise and concretise them through writing.


Here we are in 2023! While the world is dashing towards the vision of a fully automatic lifestyle, some old-school goodies and wits are irreplaceable. 


Let's Bravestorm !!


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